Our Mobile DSP

Dataseat is the contextual mobile DSP that provides comprehensive tools putting app marketers fully in control of their paid UA efforts – from campaign set up, to optimisation and analytics.

Our goal is to provide modern mobile marketers with all the tools they need for programmatic success in the privacy-first world.

Unlike traditional DSPs, Dataseat works with you to build and maintain your own ML models to suit your business needs. Request a demo to see how you could benefit from your own private bidder today.

Supply Insights

Get detailed insights on the 50Bn bid requests we handle per day in our Inventory discovery tools.

Select the best supply side platforms and publishers based on your campaign’s target region, creative type, device OS, and more, with a detailed breakdown of available volume and bid prices.

DSP Operation Modes

You can choose to use Dataseat in self-service mode, or get managed service from our experienced team that will fully support you at any stage of your paid marketing from SKAN configuration to campaign strategy, setup and optimization.

We offer mobile user acquisition (on iOS and Android), retargeting, cross-promotion and creative optimization, tackling the needs of mobile marketing and growth teams.