AdAttributionKit vs SKAN | Dataseat
13 June 2024

Mobile marketer FAQs: AdAttributionKit and SKAN

During its WWDC24 event Apple rolled out AdAttributionKit, a new privacy-preserving ad measurement framework largely built on top of SKAdNetwork (SKAN). Marketers were expecting SKAN 5, which Apple promised at…
7 June 2024

AI and machine learning for mobile campaign optimization

Editor's note: Dataseat has been named so for a reason: data drives AI and machine learning (ML), which are essential to our mobile DSP. We sat with Dr. Matina Thomaidou,…
28 May 2024

WWDC24 prediction: goodbye SKAN 5 (and hello AdAttributionKit)?

Apple announced SKAN 5 almost a year ago, and the new version was supposed to be released in late 2023. As we are approaching WWDC 2024, the new version of…
Dataseat on Privacy Sandbox - featured image
3 April 2024

Google Privacy Sandbox: the mobile DSP perspective

Editor's note: With the mobile advertising world moving away from device IDs, mobile marketers have still been conveniently using all the “old” practices on Android to drive app installs and…
State of SKAdNetwork: adoption and trends in 2024
8 February 2024

State of SKAdNetwork: adoption and trends in 2024

Apple is enforcing its privacy measures on iOS within months (if not weeks), thus limiting fingerprinting and encouraging app marketers to turn to SKAdNetwork (SKAN) for measuring and optimizing mobile…
App re-engagement by Dataseat (cover blog)
1 February 2024

App re-engagement in the privacy-first world (with Dataseat’s Brian Altman)

Editor’s note: In the privacy-first world we’re in now, running paid campaigns for mobile app re-engagement is becoming more and more complicated. App marketers have fewer opportunities to track users…
SKAN4 for subscription apps - Dataseat - featured image
4 January 2024

Explained: SKAN 4.0 for subscription apps

SKAN 4.0 was good news for subscription apps, offering app marketers an advancement toward optimizing for return on ad spend (ROAS) or lifetime value (LTV) – as SKAN 4 got…
SKAN vs MMP_blog_Dataseat
3 January 2024

Demystifying the Discrepancies: why SKAdNetwork and MMP metrics don’t agree

SKAdNetwork (SKAN) and MMP (mobile measurement partner) attribution metrics don’t agree with each other – and probably never will. This is well known but has been easy to ignore while…
Featured: Evolution of SKAN from 1.0 to SKAN 5
28 December 2023

The Evolution of SKAdNetwork – from 1.0 to SKAN 5

SKAdNetwork (SKAN) used to feel like a novelty but will soon be bread and butter for marketers – a basic necessity for day-to-day operations. It’s easy to lose track of…
27 November 2023

Advertiser’s cheat sheet: Apple iOS privacy measures

With the enforcement of Privacy Manifests in Spring 2024, Apple makes app developers accountable for the privacy practices of any third-party SDKs and APIs used by their app. Thus a…
5 resources for app marketers - no logo
2 November 2023

Get ahead of 2024: 5 resources on privacy for an app marketer

As trailblazers in privacy on both iOS and Android, Dataseat strives to educate app and brand marketers on the complexities and limitations of the latest privacy measures and protocols from…
Blog-featured-SKAN4.0 Privacy Thresholds Overview
10 October 2023

iOS Privacy Threshold Overview (SKAN 4.0)

In our conversations with clients and prospects, we’ve heard about the industry-wide need for clearer information about SKAdNetwork.  As the privacy-focused contextual mobile DSP, Dataseat is proud to be the…
ML+SKAN blog card
4 October 2023

Dataseat pioneers ML-driven optimizations for SKAN campaigns: 25% lower CPI

Dataseat is now first-to-market with our innovative ML-driven optimization capabilities for SKAN campaigns. These new optimization techniques are already delivering impressive results on SKAN-only campaigns for a major mobile advertiser,…
Cross-app affinity_blog
20 September 2023

New: Scaling Contextual UA Campaigns to Apps With Similar Audiences

Dataseat’s Inventory Discovery module just got a unique upgrade, giving our advertisers exclusive access to next-level insights into where to spend to best deliver on their performance goals.   Meet Dataseat's…
Genre-subgenre inventory search on Dataseat-blog
23 August 2023

New: Enhanced Contextual Targeting with App Genre and Subgenre

Ad inventory discovery on Dataseat's mobile DSP is now powered with a genre/subgenre taxonomy for deeper, more precise targeting beyond the usual app store categories.  Dataseat has access to 50…
WWDC 2023
8 June 2023

WWDC 2023: 3 Key Takeaways for App Marketers

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year had no shortage of talking points, with the unveiling of a major new product, Vision Pro, amongst the usual array of software updates…
25 July 2022

Verve Group Acquires Dataseat

Verve Group has announced that it has acquired Dataseat Ltd. (Dataseat), an advertising technology company. User acquisition platform to drive campaign performance–without device identifiers CARLSBAD, CA AND LONDON, JULY 5,…
8 June 2022

SKAdNetwork 4.0: what’s new, and how will it impact app campaigns?

WWDC 2022 brought with it the usual news of major new consumer-facing features and hardware. But perhaps the most exciting news for app marketers was the promise of major improvements…
27 September 2021

Does iOS Private Relay affect my app marketing campaigns?

TL;DR: aside from a few exceptions, only mobile web campaigns running in Safari are affected.iOS 15, released to the public last week, advances Apple’s ongoing effort to enhance user privacy…
7 July 2021

WWDC iOS 15 implications for Advertisers and Mobile Ad Tech

Another June is over, another WWDC has come and gone. Just as we’re all getting to grips with App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and iOS 14, Apple have announced features that…
8 February 2021

Can Ad-Tech adopt a standard for ATT 6-bit conversion values? FAQ

FAQ Join our Slack group SKA 6-bit Conversion Value to discuss more!Under normal conditions advertisers would obviously prefer more granularity when looking at LTV. However, SKAdNetwork introduces a unique constraint…