Ad inventory discovery on Dataseat’s mobile DSP is now powered with a genre/subgenre taxonomy for deeper, more precise targeting beyond the usual app store categories. 

Dataseat has access to 50 billion daily in-app impressions across mobile apps outside the walled gardens. Using our ad inventory discovery tools, advertisers can find real gems of programmatic opportunities and target their campaigns with precision to reach ambitious KPIs.

Get a glimpse of Dataseat’s inventory discovery features and see how we help you to:

  • Find top performing in-app inventory outside the walled gardens
  • Maximize precision and efficiency of contextual and behavioral targeting
  • Target even more precisely with the freshly added genre and subgenre taxonomy for apps and games
Genre-subgenre inventory search on Dataseat-blog

What Dataseat’s in-app inventory discovery does

There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there for marketers to choose from. Dataseat’s inventory discovery puts the right tools at your hands to cherry-pick apps where you can effectively reach your target audience and avoid overspending on less efficient inventory.

This is done via a variety of filtering options, as well as Dataseat’s ultra-granular capabilities to sift through app categories within taxonomy. This is far more detailed and user acquisition-focused than the standard app store categories (deep-dive below).

Filter inventory and review availability and volume

Dataseat DSP lets campaign managers filter inventory and quickly review available volume/bid requests for the selection and evaluate the possibility to reach enough scale. Available filters:

Placements Ad formats Tag IDs Bid floors
Country Device type Operating system Connection type*
Content rating Creative formats Exchange*  Detailed genre/subgenre 

for apps and games

*Exchange selection helps because SDKs vary in ad experience and feature support (e.g. SKOverlay, Auto-StoreKit) and for certain apps one exchange performs better than another.

*Connection type is especially useful for heavy apps, where a download and install is challenging on a bad connection.

Advanced deep-targeting with genre and subgenre

Now let’s dive deeper into the genre and subgenre data, and the impact it will have on user acquisition campaigns.

What’s wrong with app stores’ categories?

App stores’ categories of games and non-games have become so broad that picking target apps for user acquisition is now tricky. Two apps from a similar category often serve a completely different purpose, offer a completely different user experience and attract different types of users. 

In the example below, Lovoo (a dating app), and Yoosee (a security camera app) are placed within the same Lifestyle category on App Store. Both apps are available for targeting via Dataseat, however using the taxonomy Lovoo will be categorized as Social Media > Dating, and Yoosee will fall within Lifestyle > Smart home

Two games of the same category (as defined by an app store) can use different mechanics and be played by gamers with different profiles.

Example 1 – Gaming Example 2 – Non-gaming
Royal Match

Royal Match App Icon

Candy Crush


Loovoo App Icon



App store Puzzle Puzzle Lifestyle Lifestyle
Dataseat via Genre: Match

Subgenre: M3-Meta

Genre: Match

Subgenre: M3

Genre: Social Media

Subgenre: Dating

Genre: Lifestyle

Subgenre: Smart home

Lack of precision and the variability of app themes and audiences within the same category can be frustrating for UA. This situation often results in half-blind targeting and higher budget spend during the campaigns’ learning stage.

Target precisely with genre and subgenre

As targeting a specific app category is nowhere close to precise, Dataseat is partnering with to offer more granular app categorization. We empower advertisers to select specific genres and subgenres of apps and games, which is much deeper and more precise than the standard app store categories.

Old targeting: New Dataseat + targeting:
Broad app store category Genre > Subgenre

As per 

Spending across the app stores hit $167B in 2023. Today classifications across the app stores are limited, and developers often have to create their own internal taxonomies, which is both time-consuming and costly. For app publishers, a standardized classification model is required to succeed across app stores and inform crucial decisions. With App IQ and Game IQ, they now have a framework for understanding the global app market and provide a customizable, agile view of the market as it changes. 

Depending on the specific app, the taxonomy can be from 2 to 4 levels deep and it is constantly updating and becoming smarter. Here are the examples of App IQ and Game IQ taxonomy as of August 2023:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Consistency across app stores

These genres and subgenres are consistent between iOS and Android,making it easier to set up campaigns and compare performance.

Expected results

The immediate impact of this new targeting is:

  • Driving more ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and lower CPI (Cost Per Install) on contextual campaigns by more reliably finding relevant audiences.
  • Reducing spend wasted exploring apps that are less likely to be relevant (based on user interests). 

“Detailed app categorisation has helped Dataseat advertisers achieve their campaign goals faster by helping them identify the best inventory to target based on their audience’s interests.” – Rich Jones, Product Director, Dataseat.


What Dataseat’s new categorization means for mobile UA managers

Dataseat offers a whole bunch of targeting filters allowing campaign managers to be precise and ensure efficient use of campaign budget. We are extremely flexible to let UA managers select inventory based on their app specifics, and if needed, using their prior advertising experience with their specific apps. 

The newly released Genre-Subgenre categorisation ups the game with deep targeting which allows mobile marketers to target in-app inventory based on’s highly granular, constantly updated taxonomy of apps and games.

We are excited about giving app and game marketers this powerful tool, and happy to watch their success optimizing campaigns and (over)delivering on their KPIs.

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